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being very very old but with adequate brain cells . The key advantage that I have is melding high tech with developing countries population. To achieve individual and small group innovative profit making enterprises. The interesting component here is decentralization, de-capalitizan, and diversity. This is accomplished by using AI,Machine learning and Web 3 in to the culture and adapting lhis to the intellectual culture. Example: People that raise chickens on a survival level. Can grow black flys to increase there chicken production and sell them for income. Then with some of this additional income they can expand. They can increase there black fly production and sell locally. Or they could increase there chicken output. or go into other areas. Like food drying for off season. Rabbits for urine for organic plant insecticide. They can step out into other innovation that will be brought in buy the high tech innovators. Example Making insect selective lasers exterminators. Transportation systems made from broken items revised into new uses. converting old washing motor bicycles, car batteries and solar panels to male a local transport to take items to market and distribute to customers. That fits the local road requirements.

Once food security is achieved and there is a cash flow combine with High Tech there is no end to the creative possibilities.

As an example if you take a developing culture where $300 per month is the lower income base. In rasing just black flies using 1 ton of farm or food wast will produce 20 kg of black fly every month. In if they split the black fly one half to growing the chickens and sell 10K on the market at $10.00 per kilo this brings in $100. So between the chickens and the insects there is an additional income of $200 per month.

Now what if there is a knowledge center and commercial center. That support this type of ambition. At this base level. Then it can go on to the next stage.

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