Read a book
As I love reading :) decided to share here also part of my current readings:

  1. The Body keeps the score by Bessel Van Der Kolk
So far, really good book where the author describes the journey of patients with PTSD, how they manage to live and be around in the present. 

Living with trauma and any other experience that might affect your mental health is really hard and there is not enough openeses about it and how each of us process it differently.

2. Rey Blanco by Juan Gomez-Jurado

This is the last book from the trilogy Reina Roja. 

I just started this one and expecting a great ending where Antonia would actually find out who is Mr.  White. 

The first 2 books are around a high elite group formed around Europe to solve the most complex criminal cases. The team is conformed by the most intelligent people around in which of course Antonia belongs to.