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Lauren Ho

Hello, hola, 你好! 

Nice to meet you, I'm Lauren. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I am a daughter of immigrant parents from Hong Kong. 

However, I love learning other languages and cultures; Spanish being one of them! For about a year, I lived in Spain, which I would say is one of the biggest highlights of my life so far. 

I am a lover of travel, food/cooking, coffee (yes, I'm putting it as its own category), music, and most anything that is cute and aesthetic. 

Work-wise, I gravitate towards anything that allows me to help people and the community. Oh, and anything communication-related (I did major in it after all). 

I look forward to connecting with you! Just come find me at a cafe. I'll probably be there indulging in a pastry, talking to friends, or working. 
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