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Soejoy Tirto Wibowo

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Hello, I'm Joy Wibowo, CEO and Founder at Gitshock Finance. we developed a blockchain as a service project called "gitshock finance" gitshock itself is a blockchain created based on the Cosmos SDK, Tendermint, and Golang which aims to help crypto developers or companies in building EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) smart contracts, tokens, website hosting, and a decentralized private blockchain. This project provides features for crypto developers with a tool we developed called "Open Edgeware" a drag and drop tool without any coding skills. the gitshock finance service will allow users to quickly build their own projects without manual coding tasks. The main services we offer are gitshock edgeware, gitshock bridge, gitshock wallet. the service will demand developer/user to use our token $GTFX as fee.
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