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Olorunfemi Akinlua

I'm interested in understanding how to combine business objectives with users' needs. I have seen some UX designers complain about changing their designs to something that's not good for users because the client or business wanted it. I intend to work with complex user-oriented problems within sectors like
  • banking (especially within backend use cases - not consumer fintech)
  • manufacturing, eCommerce
  • road traffic and
  • social causes.
  • Government Agencies Sites and Operations
I intend to get an entry-level job within a design agency or startup space to have a generalist approach to User Experience. 

I'm from Nigeria, and I'm currently a Mechanical Engineering Candidate at OAU. I intend to pursue different career paths within controls, industrial design (UX-focused), and machine learning. I love gaming, watching random series (never seem to finish them), and playing around with new software and hardware.
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