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Founder of a new brand POND, where I created a podcast to speak on the creative process and ways to build up a personal brand. Start-up streamer focusing on bringing in collaborators. An aspiring writer working on my first novel. 

POND’S Vision 

Give creators, of all varieties, a chance to build their greatest creative aspirations, keep that artistic spirit alive, and meet fellow dreamers of this world, all while living a healthy lifestyle.

How do we help the creator?:

At POND we see two futures. First, we want to build a network of creators that spans multiple different areas, then connect them to other creators. From there, everyone has the opportunity to share their ideas, talents, advice, and much more so everyone can get the help they need to start their creative journey! Furthermore, YOU, the creator, have the freedom to create what you love! By the end, you will keep the product/brand that you worked so hard to create! That means if you decide to leave us, we will miss you, but what you have created will be yours forever!

Second, POND will also be a creator, so if having stability in a creative environment is what you want, POND will need help. Join a team, within POND, to work on brand-original projects so you can focus on your life outside of work while contributing to creative efforts that will make the world a little more exciting.

Who are we talking about?:

You, because when we say variety we mean it! Everybody has that dream inside and POND doesn’t want to limit what it means to be a creator. Send us your ideas and we’ll find a way to make it happen! From an artist looking to sell their product and get new ideas, a producer with seasons of entertainment in their sights, to fitness trainers trying to share their workout programs! We are talking about YOU!

What do we mean by “healthy lifestyle”?:

POND doesn’t want to stop at the perfect job, whether that be on your own or with our brand. Mental health is something that we take seriously at POND, so not only do we want to have the opportunity to connect you to other creators, but we also want to connect you with resources that can help you stay in a good mental state so you can focus on your creative side!

What about your physical health? We think that is just as important! We will also be able to connect you with real athletes that can share information about workouts and food plans so that you can be in your best shape! We think the most productive creators are in their best physical and mental states!

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Jan 2021 - Present

entrepreneur-Writer, Self-employed