Leonardo Di Donato

  • @leodido
  • Open Source / Runtime Security / Linux / eBPF / K8S / Lang Engineering
  • he/him
  • Italy
Leo is an Open Source Senior Software Engineer with a fondness for Runtime Security, eBPF, Kubernetes, and Linux in general.
At the moment, he works at Gitpod, with the mission to make it easier for everyone to code Cloud Native apps. He's a core maintainer of Falco, the CNCF tool for Runtime Security, focusing on its low-level tech stack. He's also involved in the Linux Foundation's eBPF project (IO Visor) as a co-author and maintainer of the kubectl-trace project, a kubectl plugin to schedule eBPF programs in Kubernetes clusters. He created other successful Open Source projects like go-syslog, a blazingly fast Go parser for syslogs and transports, and kubectl-dig, a kubectl plugin to get deep visibility into Kubernetes. He's in the CNCF Security TAG from its early days.
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Senior Software Engineer

  • Gitpod
  • Jul 2021 - Present

Open Source Senior Software Engineer

  • Sysdig
  • May 2021 - Jun 2021


Jul 01, 2021
Jul 01, 2021
Started a new role at Gitpod
Excited to join Gitpod as Senior Software Engineer! 🎉
Senior Software Engineer, Gitpod
Jun 30, 2021
Jun 30, 2021
Left a role at Sysdig
This space wouldn't be enough to express my deep gratitude

  • for all the bright minds I've been blessed to work with
  • for all I learned
  • for working full-time in the Open Source
  • for building cool things with eBPF
  • for raising a community that is family
  • for growing up Falco safe and sane.

But, we've got to part ways...

I left what for me - a few years ago - was a dream.

But hey, new beginnings! 

I'm happy because I believe life is about moving on.
For me, it's also about getting involved with new challenges, new feelings, new emotions!

Even new drama! 
Open Source Senior Software Engineer, Sysdig
Jun 29, 2021
Jun 29, 2021
Released open source project
Release on GitHub
Patched the latest version of Falco and released the Falco version 0.29.1
Jun 14, 2021
Jun 14, 2021
Reviewed conference abstracts
Committee member for KubeCon
Reviewed security CFPs
+ 1
Completed my KubeCon committee duties by reviewing all the 128 CFPs in the Security track for the upcoming KubeCon North America in Los Angeles.

Reading abstracts is the best way to learn new things and get a sense of where the ecosystem is going. 
May 06, 2021
May 06, 2021
Spoke at KubeCon | CloudNativeCon
Spoke about Falco
Introduced the Falco eBPF probe
Introduced the Falco libscap
Introduced the Falco libsinsp
+ 3
Gave the Falco Maintainers Track at KubeCon Europe 2021.


📼 📽️

On this panel, the Falco maintainers will discuss the great things happening in Falco, the de facto Kubernetes threat detection engine.
This panel of key Falco maintainers will cover:
  • Brief Overview of Falco and its history
  • Updates on Falco and its subprojects (Falco, falcosidekick, etc.)
  • Driver Donation (libsinsp, libscap, the kernel module driver the eBPF driver source) and what this means for the community
  • Roadmap Capabilities. What's Coming!
  • Interactive QA on what you would like to see in the project.
May 05, 2021
May 05, 2021
Released a new open source library
Released a Go library
Wrote a parser in Ragel
+ 1
Open sourced a Go library - go-conventionalcommits - that gives the user Fu powers to parse commit messages as the Conventional Commits Spec demands.

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