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Cynthia Rodríguez Juárez

  • @liberacyon
  • Freelance writer and translator, getting into QA and data
  • she/her
  • Monterrey, MX / Leicester, UK
🎂⛰ Monterrey, MX
📍🦊 Leicester, UK
🌮 Se habla español

📕 Published writer, copywriter, translator, copy editor, multimedia artist, performer and poet with +10 yrs experience in fields such as culture, music, entertainment, education, retail and food & drinks.
🐞 A punk at heart, with background in Art History, GLAM and Cultural Events, specialised in grassroots movements and underground arts - street art, interventions, festivals, gigs, zines, community organising.
💻 Now getting into QA and data, interested in learning more about STEAM and its potential in sustainability and improving the world we live in. 

  🌿 Profile and life under constant construction. Stick around!
💼 https://www.linkedin.com/in/cynrdz/
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