RJ Ruggles
  • @lifewitharjay
  • Founder of PlayTyme
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Pronoun Indifferent, whatever you prefer!

Hi👋🏾, I'm RJ!

Welcome to my Polywork.

I’m a 29-year-old 🌈queer, ✊🏾black, and 🧩primary-color obsessed founder of two companies. However, I am looking for work! I love what I do as an entrepreneur but feel I still have a lot to learn. And many skills I can provide in the realm of social media and content creation. Smash that Contact button to the right of my profile image, and let's have a chat!

Here on Polywork, I like to use this space as a personal timeline & blog hybrid. I actually write all my posts in Notion using a 📅Calendar view database, with each post saved as a page on the appropriate date (or range of dates if it's an ongoing project). Then I copy and paste them here once I'm ready to post it! That way, I have my own copy if I want to reference it later, and I have the freedom to start, stop, or adjust things as my work develops. Now with that said, I hope you enjoy your stay 😊

Here's a little bit about my companies and what I do 👇🏾

PlayTyme is a community-based lifestyle company that operates 3 direct-to-consumer e-commerce brands:

  • PlayTyme is a community-based marketplace for 🍼ABDLs, 🐾Pup Players, and ⛓Kink-lifestylers.
    🛒Check out PlayTyme!

  • Pup-PlayTyme is an apparel & adult novelty brand for Pup and Pet Players. In particular, it focuses heavily on the LGBT parts of fetish communities.
    🛒Check out Pup-PlayTyme!

  • PlayDaze (launching in late June/July 2021) is a KidCore focused apparel and lifestyle brand aimed at Gen-Z & Millennials.
    📸Follow PlayDaze on Instagram!

BigKid Merch aims to build an entirely new approach to how the world interacts with VR. By blending modern UI & UX design principles with virtual reality and augmented reality, my goal to create an entirely new interactive customer experience for 🛍e-commerce, 🎮streaming, and 🌐more!

I'm a huge cheerleader of the 📣#BuildInPublic movement. Also, I personally believe Notion is changing the face of the internet. I talk about Notion a lot, like A LOT.

I live in San Francisco with my husband and three cats, but I’m originally from Columbus, Ohio. I spend too much time working, but it honestly gives me so much joy to build and create what I want every day 🤩 

I'm always down to connect with other young professionals, especially solo founders. It's hard out here, and we all got to have each other's backs!
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