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Lissa Ferreira

  • @lissadev
  • Content creator and member of some tech communities
  • She/Her/They
  • Campo Grande, MS, Brazil
Content creator and web developer. Focusing in communities, writing tech articles, hosting livestreams and managing communities.

Coordinator in Feministech, group of female-identified and non-binary people who share knowledge about technology

Cofunder in Kotlinautas, a brazilian Kotlin community, created to spread the Kotlin word to people, and Caverna do Patocórnio, a group of developers of all levels and of the most varied specializations.

Moderator in Abacatinhos.dev, a DevRel mentorship, focusing on interacting, sharing content, and learning about DevRel.

Member of Mlkda da Deepweb, a brazilian podcast to talk about technology, carrer, communities, and laught out.
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May 01, 2022
Apr 24, 2022
Apr 24, 2022

 O que é Canva? article in Feministech

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Apr 23, 2022
Apr 23, 2022

Helped to organize the Feministalk: Carreiras event in Feministech

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Apr 20, 2022
Apr 20, 2022

 Quem é Gi? article in Feministech

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Apr 18, 2022
Apr 14, 2022
Apr 14, 2022

Lançamento do site da abacatinhos.dev

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