Liz Rubin
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Hey, Thanks for being curious about me. 

I work closely with leaders to solve business problems using video. 

My work is focused on sustainability, equity, and climate solutions. 

 *I'm a filmmaker and video producer with 20+ years of experience.  
* I'm also a recovering Hollywood cinematographer, global camerawoman, and documentarian. 
* I've worked on everything from scrappy filmmaking to corporate, policy, and government. 
* I'm a Gemini, sailor, hiker, camper, dog-lover, burner, and traveler who loves going off the grid. 
* I'm based in NYC and frequently work/visit/play on the west coast.

*I founded this video firm to connect audiences to sustainability and climate solutions.
*Our work is about reducing emissions, and inequity and about building the regenerative, decarbonized economy we all need to survive. 
*The videos, films, ads, animations, social content, and branded stories we create, amplify climate solutions to markets - which we need to reach a climate-stabilized and sustainable planet. 

*UN Sustainable Development meetings on 5 continents, especially at the Paris Treaty 2015
*15 months on the road filming on the award-winning digital team that re-elected US President Obama
* Interviewing various celebrities
* Countless Indie film sets and music concerts
* Watching the magic happen in the lens - you know it the moment you see it.
* The documentaries I've worked on

*It is a privilege to collaborate with key decision-makers and change-makers, innovators, and leaders to translate complex messaging (often policy, science, mechanic, or engineering) into the most creative possible, impactful straightforward content that connects audiences emotionally. Let's brainstorm!

*I love meeting new people, founders, creative types, inventors, innovators, scientists, policymakers, nerds, geeks, creators, makers, artists, entrepreneurs, activists, educators, and leaders of all kinds - working for good! If you see some synergy, please do not hesitate to connect with me in the DM or at
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Jan 2015 - Present

CEO | Founder | Producer | Filmmaker, Ecodeo