Laurenc Riese
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What I like

    Thomas Alva Edison once said "he knows 999 ways a light bulb doesn't work".
    To be allowed to make mistakes and to find new ways.
    Society and people, photographing them.
    Visiting friends.
    Travelling to nowhere.
    Ohana, home is where the family is, is not a given.
    Riding motorbikes when I can find the time.
    Trying something out and if it works on the first try.
    Direct communication.
    Tech stuff, not just cameras.
    Never losing my sense of humour, even when there's no land in sight.
    Not taking life too seriously.
    Northern lights, ice and cold landscapes.
    Gin and tonic and white port, cheers!

What I don't like

    Don't tell me how to milk a cow when you've never tried it yourself.
    Radicalism, extremism, choleric.
    The words "but" and "hate".
    New and old spelling, not exactly ideal when blogging (I know).
    Steam talkers and theorists.
    Just lying on the beach.
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Mar 2020 - Present

Lead SAP Innovation Lab, Aveniq