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Lucas Guarneri

French, American & Italian designer living in Paris – I’m currently leading the Product Design team at Withings. In my 6+ years there, I’ve divided my time between management, user research, full-stack app design and hardware-embedded UI design.

Before Withings, I designed for Nokia Digital Health and freelanced + interned at various advertising agencies. 

I graduated from HETIC after two years of Hypokhâgne/Khâgne. Coming from humanities I see design as a powerful vector of positive change and strive to champion ethical values in my work.

I was fortunate enough to see projects I worked on featured on The Verge, TechCrunch & Bloomberg or awarded by Red Dot, Good Design®, FWA & Awwwards.

After work, I'm currently learning flamenco guitar and how to slide my longboard.
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