Aug 08, 2021
Used LaTeX
Finally got around to finishing LaTeX version of my CV and merging it into master. I've taken up on designing and building the CV from scratch (i.e. using the `minimal` template) and I've been working on it for over a year, bit by bit. It's not the longest work I've written in LaTeX (that goes to my 50-page HS graduation thesis), but it's definitely the most technically advanced and challenging one, utilizing advanced PDF features such as optional content groups (a.k.a. layers). I'm still on the fence about it being two pages long, but I don't have the heart to chop off enough to make it fit into one.

  1. PDF is complex. Like, really.
  2. Browser support for PDF is sucky.
  3. LaTeX can do so much that it is scary. It's almost always underutilized and/or used to build visually appalling stuff.

Care only about the PDF? Here!