I'm Luna, born at 17th of April 2007 and live in Austria near Vienna.. I'm some hobby Software Engineer and LGBTQ+ Activist. I self taught me the MERN stack with a bit of help from friends and now I work with this stack everywhere!

🪄 Languages & Frameworks

  • JavaScript
  • Node.JS
  • MongoDB
  • HTML & CSS
  • React, Next.JS
  • Express

If you want to scroll trough my histroy scroll down, if you want to learn more go to my profolio located at waya.one.
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  • Tixte
  • Jun 2021 - Present
  • 8 months


  • waya
  • Oct 2021 - Present
  • 4 months


  • discord-botlist.eu
  • May 2021 - Present
  • 9 months


  • Little Studios
  • Apr 2021 - Present
  • 10 months


Jan 25, 2022
Jan 25, 2022
Server issues
I love it,
Once again we have lost our server. I mean, I don't know if the server is completely gone, only that we lost access to it. The only thing I know is that it's offline because our hoster used very old hardware for it and the server just couldn't keep up with our low workloads. I hope this incident doesn't take as long to fix as the old one did! 😒

Jan 23, 2022
Jan 23, 2022
Designed a Website
Redesigned a website
Since I already knew that my old portfolio won't last long due to lack of mobile design and creativity plus the colour palette was also always kind of weird. I mean, it looks good for the first Next.JS project I did, but I want something more and better as my portfolio. So I've put a lot of work into my new portfolio, which is currently located at ptb.waya.one. I hope you like it, because I do!
Jan 18, 2022
Jan 18, 2022
New server
Deployed a Backend System
We’ve got our new server 🎉

Now I can finally host all my crap again. Besides of that I’ve setup my first self coded proxy manager developed from @flamex. I’m right now coding a dashboard for it and I’m really looking forward to use this later in production because it will make our lives a thousand times easier!

Besides of that, I’ve now migrated my personal portfolio from Vercel to my own VPS.
Jan 11, 2022
Jan 11, 2022
Server issue
After months of planning and a handfull of projects, we've lost our main server in Germany. It's unknown when we'll get our server back up running or when we setup our new one. I hope that this doesn't talke long because all of our services will be down in the meanwhile such as waya, Pronouns and my Portfolio.


Dec 07, 2021
Dec 07, 2021
Designed a Website
Designed a Backend System
UI/UX Designer
+ 1
I've started working on my new portfolio located at waya.one 🌈

This site looks so beautiful to my eyes and a lot of people have already have agreed with me while the development was still in progess. I have also developed an internal API to fetch data (eg.: Name, Profilepicture & Activities) for this project even if it won't stay like that for long. In the future I will probably re-work this site because this is my first Project with the MERN-stack.

I'm already excited to see how this site will evolves in the future!
Oct 30, 2021
Oct 30, 2021
Started a new role at waya
Founded a Company
I am excited, after a long time I have finally founded my own project! 🎉

After months of planing in my head and on paper, I finally Founded waya, a web service for costumized profile pages with discord integration and many more other small but usefull projects!

I am looking forward to the development.
Founder, waya
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