Alexander MacG
  • @macg
At the beginning of the 90s TV producer at various advertising agencies (including Lintas HH). 
1992 Development of the first interactive television programs, as well as test areas in Cambridge UK, Munich and Hamburg. 
1994 Founder of the Multiversum Media Lab (Bank24, LH CityCenter launched, Freeport as the first virtual city). 
From 1998 production of well-known music videos u 1999 founding of 702 Media in Berlin with the participation of Das Werk AG. 
2000 Development of the first media-convergent series Stahlborn by Esther Schweins (implementation failed due to Das Werk u Kirch insolvency).
Retired to Madrid and from the media from 2002 to 2007.
Since 2007 production of cross-media content for all monitors, smartphones, tablets.
Since 2018 working as an international producer again.
2019 Production of the documentary "Ice of Chernobyl", which airs on Amazon Prime Video.
Since 2020 conversion to 360 ° as well as 3D films and VR content.
Currently development of an 8-part Chernobyl 
documentary series and a sustainability platform.

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