Mack Ortis
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Hi, I can’t wait to work with you. There’s a reason we’ve crossed paths and I know that if we both put our minds together we can achieve great things. 

I have a varied resume covering several industries ranging from automotive (Formula Drift ‘09-‘10) to music (WithoutSpaces ‘11-‘14) to tech (Facebook ‘15-‘22)

In ‘09 I did pioneering work with Formula Drift to livestream events in remote locations at scale. By ‘10 we had exceeded streaming to a million viewers and began partnering with DirectTV to further the events reach.

In 2011, I began playing live performances with my band who I’d been working in secret with during my time in automotive. We released our EP in 2011 and our album the following year in 2012. We played on a concert circuit in California, which gave us access to indie label executives. This became a fruitful relationship which led to a 360 deal record contract. Sadly, in 2014 global record sales tanked and the label folded. At this point the band decided to go on hiatus and individually pursue other projects.

In 2015, I started at Facebook on the ads product helping build out technical dashboards supporting engineering. I was soon given the opportunity to manage large tech accounts and work on various ad campaigns for Google and Apple including the Barbers campaign in 2018 that was in Cannes.

After riding the rapid growth of Facebook and surviving some of tech’s most vicious PR Cycles, I’ve decided to take a break for myself to have the headspace on what to do next.

Looking forward to chatting with you next.

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Jul 2015 - Present

Senior Client Solutions Manager, Facebook