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David Maciejewski

  • @macx
  • UI/UX Consultant・Lecturer
  • Minden, Germany
IT-Consultant, Lecturer, Running Coach, Gravel Biker, Hiking
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Jan 26, 2022
Jan 26, 2022
How about a Facebook Focus Mode on Desktop?

Facebook enlarges icons, paddings and widths of elements on larger screens, which is theoretically good. Unfortunately, it also does it for secondary elements, what deflects. Until now! Welcome to Facebook Focus Mode for Desktop!

Just install my new userstyle:

#facebook #stylus #userstyles #focus-mode
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Oct 16, 2021
Oct 16, 2021
Was bin ich einst dort gelaufen: Woche um Woche zwei bis drei Mal 30 km um das Steinhuder Meer. Gestern war ich mit Anne und unseren Gravelbikes Santa und Urs dort. Es war kalt, windig und (dennoch) schön.
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Feb 01, 2021
Feb 01, 2021
Excited to join IT-P as UI/UX Consultant! 🎉
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UI/UX Consultant, IT-P