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Currently designing tech to be a little less hurtful and a lot more helpful. Designing partnership so...  
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Oct 27, 2021
Oct 27, 2021
Completed a Challenge
Finished a Horror Movie Marathon

Finished #100HorrorMoviesin92Days 💀🎃

Starting on August 1, my goal has been to watch 100 horror movies before Halloween. The official rules dictate no re-watches, but I did sneak a few in there that I watch every year (like the Scream franchise). I will surely watch more before Halloween, but we can call it complete for now 😀

If you're interested in what I watched, check out my Twitter thread or check out the 5 I recommended as worth a watch

This challenge was posted by Letterboxd Horrorville & created by Sarah Stubbs
Oct 24, 2021
Oct 24, 2021
Posted to Dribbble
Redesigned a Product User Interface
I treated myself to a Shudder subscription for this year's Halloween, and I wanted to mock up a quick concept for their streaming app. If you haven't heard of it, Shudder is a streaming service specializing in the horror & thriller genres.

View my home concept or collections concept on my Dribbble
Oct 23, 2021
Oct 23, 2021
Posted to Dribbble
Redesigned a Product User Interface
Here are a few more screens from my quick re-design concept for the Letterboxd Android app.

View the post on my Dribbble
Oct 04, 2021
Oct 04, 2021
Featured in Online Publication
Created a List on Letterboxd

Featured on Letterboxd 🎬

My scary movie list has been selected as one of Horrorville's Shocktober 2021 picks!

This October, Letterboxd's Horrorville community is highlighting a member-created list everyday of the month. My list, 💄 Just Girly Things: 31 Scary Movies Passing the Bechdel Test, was selected as today's winner! As an avid horror fan, I am honored.

You can view the list on Horrorville here

I'll continue to update it with better examples, so if you want to follow along you can also view & follow my updated list here
Sep 26, 2021
Sep 26, 2021
Updated my personal website
Built a Webflow site

Updated My Personal Website 🛸

I haven't been updating my website often, so I wanted to do a very small UI refresh and point viewers to where they can see my most recent work.

I notably removed all project pages and opted for a link to my Letterboxd & Polywork until I have updated case studies for my newest work at Crossbeam.

Check out my personal website
Aug 16, 2021
Aug 16, 2021
Created a List on Letterboxd
I realized there's a startling amount of movies where they are watching Casablanca in the movie. Let me know your favorites I missed!

You can view the list on Letterboxd
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