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I'm a professional software engineer and team lead with 6+ years of experience.

Within this period I worked with JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Apollo, GraphQL, styled components, less, WebSockets and etc. I had the experience to migrate legacy products from pure javaScript or flow types to TypeScript. Also, I know how to create scalable products, how to support them in production. In general, I was involved in different ongoing projects and this taught me to study and understand existing code as fast as possible.

I'm a proactive person. I am good at prioritizing tasks. I am willing to pick up the pieces and do what needed to be done to make progress. Also, Iā€™m a good communicator - can write clear documentation, can talk to people in different teams and different roles, and explain what is going on.

I know how to communicate with people from other countries/cultures.

I am a good team player in both roles: as a developer or as a lead.
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