Mamad BA
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Hi everybody!

I'm a No Code Maker, No Code Instructor, Product Manager, Content Creator

My professional path gave me the opportunity to build web project for large company or for innovative startups.

🎯My goal is now to help founders to create their web products faster in order to test the market.

👨‍💻 No Code Developer

✅ websites and web applications development (marketplace, SAAS, business software...) workflow automation.

No Code Instructor:

✅I accompany entrepreneurs in the design and realization of their MVP using no code tools (face-to-face or distance learning)

📺 Content Creator

through my Youtube channel "Mister No Code", I produce content around the no code tools to facilitate the understanding of this new ecosystem and break the barriers to the creation of digital products :

🛠 Stack tools No Code

✔️ Webflow | Bubble | Softr | Weweb
✔️ Airtable | Notion
✔️ Zapier | Integromat
✔️ HTML | CSS | Javascript
✔️ Adalo | Glide
✔️ Zapier | Airtable

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