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Design thinker, lifetime learner, digital craftsman....  
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What Manny's working on


Oct 15, 2021
Oct 04, 2021
Oct 04, 2021
User Research
Designed a Survey

I designed a survey to kick-off my research project on LGBTQ+ economics and financial literacy.
The lack of comprehensive financial literacy education disproportionately affects LGBTQ+ people which further perpetuates socio-economic disparities. This combined with a lack of quality-intersectional-SOGI data (sexual orientation and gender data) make it difficult for researchers to identify these problems and legislators/businesses to come up with solutions.

My research aims to fill this gap and ultimately design a solution that improves LGBTQ+ economic prosperity. I will be asking participants questions about their experiences with money, financial literacy and socio-economic status.
Sep 10, 2021
Sep 10, 2021
Published a Notion Template
I made a free notion template resource based on my personal dashboard for students looking to jump start their college workspaces!

It includes relational databases of tasks, notes, courses and a calendar. A database template to whip up a course dashboard, take notes in class and create assignments as tasks.

Duplicate this template:
Sep 05, 2021
Sep 05, 2021
Updated my UX/UI portfolio

As part of my transition from graphic design to web design and UX, I redesigned my portfolio to better reflect the type of work I want to do.

This is a mobile-first MVP release, with an emphasis on content and streamlined user experience.
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