Designed an app

Testing for Teachers App

As in-class instruction begins to return teachers are at risk of spreading and contracting COVID-19 while doing their jobs. Teachers have been largely overlooked throughout the pandemic with regard to their safety and needs.

In a perfect world teachers would know exactly when and where to get a COVID test. They would also have easy access to having supportive resources and next steps depending on their personal test results.

This would be awesome for school stakeholders because it would help ensure the safety of faculty, staff, and families as schools re-open to in-person classes.

The app features an intelligent test scheduling assistant and data visualization of cases in someones local school network.

Research Insights

2 User Interviews, 4 Survey Responses

💡 I initially thought teachers may prefer home-testing kits but our survey showed they we're the least preferred testing option.

💡 Teachers expressed major distrust with their administration and overall school's response to COVID.

💡 Teachers are frustrated with their schools and feel like their safety is at the “bottom of the list”.

Pain Points

Finding a test provider and scheduling an appointment with them.

Not having communication and trust between teachers, school administrators, and governing stakeholders.