Manny Becerra

I'm a tech, people and partnership-oriented leader. I operate from a place of compassion, possibility...  
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What Manny's working on

What Manny's working on


Oct 11, 2021
Oct 11, 2021
Supporting Inclusion
Spoke on a panel
Grew professional skills
Organized an event
Team growth
Promoted Inclusion in Tech
+ 4
Participated as a panelist on a "Listening Session" focused on: continuing to foster creating inclusive work environments for everyone. 

This particular "Listening Session" focused on sharing and supporting everyone with what it means to be ourselves and bring our whole selves to work. It was a session filled with vulnerability, honest reflection, and powerful storytelling.
∞ - ∞, Tesla


Jan 18, 2020
Jan 18, 2020
Built a site for fun
Created a product prototype
Used Html
Used Tailwind CSS
Used Redis
Used vercel
Designed a Backend System
Automated deployment
Used Github
Designed UI/UX
used web APIs
+ 9
Built a website for fun that demonstrates some of the latest web technologies available as of 2020 and design patterns I've found helpful over my professional career, and some new ones.

Web app includes a nifty feature of being able to join a waitlist by authenticating with GitHub and other common providers, in addition to taking advantage of redis for storing and persisting data.

Was a blast—check it out! 🚀 


Jun 14, 2019
Jun 14, 2019
Interviewed a Fellow
Promoted Inclusion in Tech
Excited to support Code2040's Fellows Program as a Fellows Interviewer


Nov 01, 2012
Nov 01, 2012
Started a new role at Tesla
Excited to join Tesla as ∞ - ∞! 🎉
∞ - ∞, Tesla
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