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Participating in User Research
Guest lecturing
Giving resume feedback
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Bestatten, Marc

I love to question the status quo and help people become curious. 

Always trying cutting edge tools and technology to tell stories 
and create experiences. 

Travel the world, meet, connect and push people to be their best self. 

I am a lifelong learner, energetic optimist, presentation lover, 
and believe in direct honest conversations.

I strategize, visionise, experiment and help people to get a visual glimpse of how the world could be if we dare to QUESTION  - EXPLORE - SHARE  together, with more fun.

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I'm available for
Apr 01, 2017
Apr 01, 2017
Excited to join Jaspers - Candle Company as Marketing & Collaboration & Digitization! 🎉
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Marketing & Collaboration & Digitization, Jaspers - Candle Company