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Bestatten, Marc

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About Me
I love to question the status quo and help people become curious. 

Always trying cutting edge tools and technology to tell stories 
and create experiences. 

Travel the world, meet, connect and push people to be their best self. 

I am a lifelong learner, energetic optimist, presentation lover, 
and believe in direct honest conversations.

I strategize, visionise, experiment and help people to get a visual glimpse of how the world could be if we dare to QUESTION  - EXPLORE - SHARE  together, with more fun.

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Apr 2017 - Present

Marketing & Collaboration & Digitization, Jaspers - Candle Company

Portfolio Collections

Portfolio Collections

Design Sprint -> Workshop
Most freelancers and creative agencies do work for you. But I turned the coin and did it with the client.  We turned a black box of creative something - that could escalate into endless feedback loops and frustrating outcomes that do not help your business.  Therefore we got so much more clarity in: - Setting up clear challenges to be turned into goals - Focus on the work that can be solved for the project budget - Collecting inspiration and best-case ideas together - Clear elevator pitch and copy-writing work - User-Tested prototype before wasting time on bad ideas - Clear visual appearance  Stop pitching - start collaborating.