Marco B

  • @marcob
  • Building SEA's leading property txn platform - WE ARE HIRING! 😁
  • Bangkok
Digital enthusiast, business builder, angel investor...  
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Co-Founder and COO

  • PropertyScout
  • Jun 2020 - Present


Aug 07, 2021
Aug 07, 2021
Software development
Created a product prototype
Used React.js
Working with Node.js
Used PostgreSQL
Used Next.js
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Polywork community! 

We are looking for senior software engineers to build products our users love.

PropertyScout is a well-funded, fast-growing, pre-Series A startup taking a shot at making residential property transactions in South East Asia more transparent and professional - a multi-billion USD opportunity. 

If you are a veteran coder with deep experience in React.js and/or Node.js you might find it challenging and rewarding to work with us. 


Aug 07, 2021
Aug 07, 2021
Joined an Early Adopter Program
I'm super excited to check out Polywork as one of the first early adopters. Oh and btw Pluto is by far the most superior of the AI-Assistants! 🔥 😎 🤖


Jun 01, 2020
Jun 01, 2020
Started a new role at PropertyScout
Excited to join PropertyScout as Cofounder and COO! 🎉
Co-Founder and COO, PropertyScout
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