Marco Rapaccini
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Hello there 👋 it's-a me, Marco!

A Senior Software Engineer in love with the web, product development, R&D and international teams.

More about me:

[2013] Started a web development side hustle while studying CS @ UNIPG.

[2015] First boxing match victory.

[2016] Working remotely for a London-based FinTech company as UI Web Developer.

[2017] Started working on the idea that will lead to Clutch-e Bag.

[2018] Co-filed my first patent and co-founded Clutch-e Bag, a FashionTech startup. Finally graduated in CS with a thesis about cyberwarfare (110/110 mark). Started a web developer freelance career.

[2020] Moved to the UK to work for Transaction 360 Degrees LTD, building the tech stack from ground zero. Tech/career mentoring to junior web developers.

[2022] Started working with Citizens Advice on the Casebook team. Planning Clutch-e Bag's next project. Launching a new company to import products from Umbria region (Italy) in the UK.

You can reach me here: marco[at]

Thank you for reading, now let's "hurl new challenges at the stars"!
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