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Maryia Khayetskaya

  • @maria_softgreat
  • IT Consultant | Web & Mobile Development
  • United Kingdom
  • she/her

Hi there! I work with Softgreat as a Software Development Consultant. In my job, I strive to provide assistance in creating and implementing new technological solutions so that CTOs and Product Owners can adjust their businesses to the demands of the ever-changing modern market.

Our team has a wide experience in software development for financial sector, education, medicine, and corporate management.

Dedicated developers at Softgreat design, build, test, and deploy software solutions using a variety of technologies including but not limited to .Net, Java, Ruby, Python, JS, Angular, React, etc.

Use our skills to turn your vision into a beautiful, competitive digital product. Alongside Softgreat, you are sure to fulfill your ambitions and enjoy tangible business outcomes.

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