Sep 30, 2021
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Show your work

by Austin Kleon

When you're on Polywork I think you do not need to read this book. You already know how to show your work, that you do not have to wait until you or your work is ready. 

For sure, you know that regular content forms a bond with your audience, that humans are interested in other human beings. You have overcome the feeling that you've nothing to show and you know that you're doing a kind of art and just have to show it to your audience in the right way. 

So, I am quite sure that you already started documenting your work, so that you always have something in your social media queue to share with your audience that is helpful or entertaining. You're doing this regularly because you're aware of the fact that when you will show something little each day it will become something huge in the end.

And hopefully, you're recognized that Polywork is the next social platform. Even if it's a really special one, networks come and go, some stay for longer, some don't make it for long. That's why you rely on your website, your blog or portfolio, or whatever. Your personal space where you can show who you are and what you do and being independent of any platform out there. (But please stay on Polywork 😊). 

I am happy to share these insights with you, as we all know - you have to give if you want to get and just when you share your expertise you will get the same back from others.