Oct 03, 2021
used Figma
Attended an online bootcamp
Writes a UX case study
Used figjam
+ 2

Final Week 🏁

This week is the final week of my UX/UI Bootcamp with Memorisely. 🏁

Looking back to the last week, our progress was amazing. We fully concentrated on UI components in Figma and made huge progress with our case study for Unplugged. We turned the sketches ✏️ from our fast prototyping sessions into high-fidelity prototypes πŸ’» and it’s each time fascinating how simple lines come to live.

Working in class together #supafast ⚑️and creating new components using auto layout and combining them as variants is always huge fun. Diving deep into Figma, getting used to all functionalities and practicing to get even more faster is the most important thing to take out of here. 🎯

Again I appreciated to work together with Lilibeth Bustos Linares, who is such an inspiring person. ✨ It’s so awesome to work as a team, share our knowledge and creativity and bring our ideas to live. I will miss our regular working sessions after our case study will be finished. So I am looking forward to staying in contact also without a shared project working on. 😊

4 days to go until graduation and lots of things to finish until then. So let’s go! πŸš€