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The M.A.R.K.13 - Group is a dedicated place for all things animated.

Digital at heart, innovation driven and creativity that is never held back by technical restraints.
We at M13 life and breath animation since our foundation in 1999 and even before that, the two
founders Holger and Dominique had been at the core of German computer animation in the early 90’s,
providing them knowledge and experience from the earliest SGI workstations through to todays virtual
production techniques.

Since then, a lot has changed, but not our passion for digital storytelling.

We gather all that creativity, technological knowhow, accuracy, reliability, design thinking and
efficiency, all known as true German virtues, under the name:

German Animation Engineering

A label that our partners and clients can rely on and our dedicated team of international scale is
handpicked for.

We develop, finance, produce and deliver state-of-the-art films, series or even only parts of films and
series for an international audience. Be it in the entertainment sector for TV, cinema, streaming or in
the field of advertising communication for agencies and brands.

For every need there is a special company within the M.A.R.K.13 - Group.

M.A.R.K.13 - COM takes care of services for communication purposes.
TV- and cinema commercials, imagefilms, productfilms and webseries are to be find in our roster, as
well as VR-, AR-solutions for museums, fairs, tradeshows.
Animation, VFX, Motion-Graphics and even Life action are our weapons of choice here.

M.A.R.K.13 - STUDIOS is the entity for high quality animation services for international film and series
productions. With our sophisticated multi-feature-film-proofed pipeline, we specialize in setting up
animation-film and series productions, in both preproduction (design, worksplit, etc.) and production
(everything from modelling to final render and comp).

PENG! BOOM! TSCHAK! - Films is an independent filmproduction company, brought to life to build our
own IPs. Here we take on proprietary or licensed projects to form brands that are somewhat unique
and special and have the chance of getting big on the market.

All these forces are now united under the German Animation Engineering umbrella.

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