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It started in 2020. I was exploring the future of the internet and how it would merge with education. Via a blog post on the nascent metaverse I was hired by Realm, an early mobile-based metaverse, to write Medium posts on the tech and philosophy of a decentralized web3 and how NFTs were the plug-and-play addition to the blockchain infrastructure.

From there my work and writing in web3 spiralled. Many call it the rabbit hole. I started writing copy and lore for NFT collections, merging my knowledge for the tech with my passion for creative writing. I was soon writing across verticals, exploring the use cases for web3 in sport, fashion, luxury and gaming.

LVMH headhunted me in the Summer of 2021 to be their internal web3 writer. My brief? Interview the teams behind luxury experiments for the likes of Louis Vuitton, Tiffany, Givenchy, Dior and Bulgari, then write about these initiatives in-house. How is the luxury industry using web3 tech to improve the omnichannel experience for web2 clients. The goal was to make it digestible and understandable for people working in departments unconnected to web3.

I'm what would happen if Joan Didion and Hunter S Thompson had a love-child that grew up to write computer game stories, literary NFTs and web3 articles for Fortune 500 luxury companies.

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Oct 2022 - Present

Lore Writer, Triton Play

Dec 2022 - Present

Writer, Culture3

Feb 2022 - Present

Web3 Copywriter, LVMH

Mar 2020 - Present

Author, Apocalypse Daddy

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