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Mark McKinney

Seeking a role in product for a tech-startup.

I build software that helps people be the best they can be.

While working on an AI ed-tech startup for 4+ years, I have worn many hats: I've been a programmer (Python, ReactJS, MongoDB, etc.), project manager (managing a dev team of 6 and released a beta test), fundraiser (raised a pre-seed round), sales (landed meetings with some of the biggest schools in NC), to just name a few. Working on an important mission, with talented and passionate people, using cutting-edge tech, in an environment that requires you to constantly learn and adapt is exactly the type of company I want to join.

I am a big-picture-driven individual with a persistent desire to create because of my avid curiosity. With a B.A. in Entrepreneurship and a Master’s in Communication and Business Leadership, my specialties include product management, PR and marketing. Additionally, I have experience with Artificial Intelligence and Tableau.
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