Software Engineer, District Technologies
Nov 01, 2019
Left a role at District Technologies
Ended my journey as Software Engineer at District Technologies to pursue my own startup.

I was part of a small distributed tech team, leading projects and involved in developing technical strategy.

I led an overhaul of our technical workflow to integrate UX methodologies and redesigned and implemented a new look for our meeting rooms service so that users could search, filter and visualise room availability. [React Native, UX, Sketch]

Implemented a self service website, to integrated with hubspot so that sales leads could be captured automatically. [React-js]

Improved team workflow, through documenting all our endpoints in Postman and creating tests and monitors. [Postman, Restful API]

Implemented several new features for iOS and Android applications such as notifications, stripe payments, streamlined app configuration, updated login flow. [iOS, Android, React Native , UX, Redux, AWS]