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8 days ago
The key to understanding 💫 Disney's Metaverse strategy:

When the leading entertainment brand of the world moves in a direction, it’s not by accident.

In the past few months, Disney has

👉 Launched several NFT collections in tandem with movie releases

👉 Gone all-in on NFTs and VR/AR in the latest batch of their tech accelerator

👉 Set up a new internal division dubbed “Next-gen storytelling”

Disney CEO Bob Chapek referred to the Metaverse as:

“The next great storytelling frontier”

Why is Disney leaning so heavily into this (already)?

🌊 Early positioning to catch the wave

🏒 Moving in the direction of their future key audience segments

🗺 Exploring and learning now to establish best practices later

📣 Early NFT plays from big brands are a PR mechanic in itself because it attracts press coverage

Compounding of young consumers is an important mechanic for brands:
Adapting to remain relevant. Attracting new generations of young fans while also retaining existing fans.

Disney has been an expert at this for decades. This is that strategy at play. It’s long-term. Like the Disney+ streaming service we see today is the result of a strategic decision 8+ years ago.

I’d say these Disney moves are

• 20% about engaging existing audiences

• 80% about learning, practicing, and positioning for future audiences

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