Matt Dionis 👨‍💻🏋️‍♂️
  • @matt_dionis
  • Worcester, MA
I am currently a Staff Software Engineer on the Frontend team at Recur where I help build engaging NFT experiences for some of the biggest brands in film, TV, sports, and pop culture!

I harness my experience working in crypto, identity, and security to help Recur build secure, user-friendly web3 products and features!

Beyond these technical priorities, I enjoy being involved in hiring and mentoring.

I enjoy working with career-changers to assist them with transitions into tech careers as I, myself, am a career-changer and feel that I have valuable insights to share. While I enjoy helping others level-up their technical skills, my true passion is in assisting fellow engineers with improving their core skills such as communication, collaboration, and public speaking.

I have prior experience in the cryptocurrency space where I led an engineering team that built and maintained AML/KYC, risk, and customer success tools. I was also able to sharpen my leadership skills at this prior job while acting as an Engineering Manager for about a year.
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