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Aufi Rayesa

I'm a multimedia designer and a software engineer.

I often work with a lot of aspects in multimedia design like logo design, video edits, and branding, but specializes in motion graphic animations. As for software engineering, I made multiple back-end, front-end, and full stack systems for myself, public entertainment, or private client commissions.

I am currently working full-time in SpaceIdea (alternative writing: SPACE IDEA), a branding company based in Indonesia under a local name of PT. Ruang Ide Nusantara, mainly as motion graphic artist. I also create After Effects CEP plug-ins to help my fellow designer and editor coworkers. Even though I'm occupied, I am open to new offers!

While I'm not working my full-time job, I freelanced as MAUFIRF, my personal brand for my professional line of work. I have worked with a lot of private and public clients, and as of now, I have recently worked with KutipanX for video edits and compositing jobs as an outsourced freelancer. Here are some of the types of commissions I have accepted in the past:
  • Creative Curriculum Vitae
  • Video cut edits
  • Live stream/long footage supercuts (i.e cirtual youtuber clips, or politician meeting highlights)
  • Logo
I also foster a public entertainer alias: mefuri, a Twitch live streamer (and vtuber/virtual streamer) that often plays FPS games, code programs, and play bass. I provided a wide range of digital assets for the channel, such as social media profile & promotional assets, stream thumbnail, stream layout design & system, chatbot, Live2D art model & rig, website, and setting up the broadcasting software (currently we're using OBS).
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