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My name is Max and I am from Russia, or rather from the coldest part of this country - Siberia.

Briefly some facts about me:

  • 📃 In spring I try to start "life from scratch". So far, it is not working out very well.
  • 🎓 Studying programming languages such as JS, Python, and PHP. And I do different projects on them. It turns out to be bad, but I sometimes even get paid for it...
  • 🖋 I try to start speaking English, so sometimes I start a blog in English - maxbasev.com. It turns out bad so far, but I don't give up.
  • ☕️ I drink a lot of coffee and adore any horror movies and Lovecraft stories. 😱
  • 💡 I always want to "learn everything", but in the end, there is not enough time for anything and I am stupidly playing online games.
  • 🚀 I launch different projects, sometimes successful, sometimes not.
  • 📚 I read a lot (150+ books the year before last), now I try to be more selective.
P.S. Coffee - the drink of the gods!

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