Maxim Basev
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  • Bishkek
Hi, I'm Max. ✌️

These are some things about me (based on recent events):

🤦 I've screwed up 3 businesses already
☠️ I've been working as a freelancer for several years on websites, various simple CRUD/CRM, etc. Usually, I work with Angular (MEAN), Python (Django), or some CMS (WordPress/Tilda, etc.).
😑 I lived in Novosibirsk until the end of 2022, then moved to Bishkek and now (in 2023) I plan to move further. I dream of moving to Canada, although I was born in the Moscow region.
🖋 I am trying to improve my English, so sometimes I start blogging in English, but it doesn't turn out well.
☕️ I drink a lot of coffee and love horror and Lovecraftian stories. 😱
💡 I constantly want to learn everything, but I end up not having enough time for anything.
🚀 I run different projects, some are successful, and some are not. As the first line of this text suggests, it's clear which projects are more successful.
📚 I used to read a lot (150 books in 2018), but now I try to be more selective.

And quite briefly:

🍺 I haven't drunk alcohol in 10 years.
🚬 I also don't smoke or use any other substances.
😇 I don't believe in God, but I believe in the power of the brain.
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Jan 2018 - Present

Web developer, Self-employed