Maxime Robert

TypeScript enthusiast, I've been using Angular on a daily basis since the first beta version came out in 2016.

Around the same time, I've discovered RxJS and got fascinated by this different way of thinking. I've been switching from an OOP mindset to a more functional and reactive one ever since. 

In 2017 I noticed a tiny startup trying to simplify how we can go from a 3D file to an actual object using a CNC machine. In January 2018 I joined CloudNC and spent 2.5 amazing years in London. I've been working fully remotely from France since mid 2020 and CloudNC is now working on a bigger mission: Revolutionise the manufacturing industry. Proud to be part of this, I'm in a team building the frontends of different internal projects, helping us to automate processes. 

I like to share thoughts and findings about TypeScript, Angular, RxJS, Nx and everything I learn. 
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