Updated portfolio

New Personal Branding & Portfolio

It's that time again. I updated my personal portfolio and associated visual language! I created a new word mark, added new imagery of myself to increase relatability and showcase my personal interests, introduced more texture and grit into my styling, and created a new visual mark. Speaking of that, my visual mark is a fun abstract representation of 'change'. Early on I found my love of technology through development, yet now I'm a designer by trade. I haven't moved on from any of those interests but my career has morphed and changed throughout the years. I created the visual mark to represent that. I also created my word mark to clarify that this branding is still all for an individual, not a group.

All together I feel like this work better represents my personal aesthetic and hobbies. I'm sure it'll change again next year, but for now I'm happy with it!

Take a look —