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Max Polwin

Critical Technophile powered by Third Wave Coffee β˜•οΈ

🏦 I have been working on the intersection of finance, technology, and multi-dimensional impact in the Philippines, Netherlands, and Germany. I am motivated by my belief in the transformative power of technology and financial services when adopted to the respective social context.

πŸ‘¨πŸ½β€πŸ’» In my current role, I work on the intersection of IT and strategy. I help product owners (in online and mobile banking) provide an excellent user experience through modern IT architecture with strategic fit. Coming from a non-technical background, but with plenty of technophilias, I focus on structuring problems and mediating between concerned stakeholders in management, IT infrastructure, and the business side to develop solutions and define best-practice guidelines.

♻️ I am a sustainability evangelist with an impact-driven sales personality and an avid sharer of information. I am curious about human behavior, especially biases and mental shortcuts, and how those can be leverage intentionally through technology and reward systems (design, financial, or social). More recently, I am interested in business model design to better align business, consumer, and societal interests.

πŸ€– Outside my professional life, I am a Board member of the German Chineses Association for AI e.V., which aims to foster cooperation and knowledge exchange between China and Germany on artificial intelligence. There, I started and am the editor of a monthly newsletter, which has a 47+% open rate (gcaai.substack.com).

πŸ“£ Next to it I am the co-found and co-lead of the Commerzbank Group-wide staff community on sustainability "Sustainable Movement". Our goal is to foster knowledge exchange among staff members who are interested in sustainability, and in particular to advance sustainable finance, through regular brown bags, competitions, and newsletters.

🧐 I advance my understanding of sustainable finance and sustainability in general as a fellow of Terra.do (climate change cohort), a fellow of Next Generation Leadership by Impact Hub Tyrol (Complex System Thinking), and by working toward becoming a Certified Expert in Sustainable Finance (CESFi) this September by Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.
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