Max Schulte
  • @maxschulte
  • Munich
Hey there – I ...
  • host workshops and trainings for Suystainability 
  • help with the implementation of Agile practices
  • and focus mostly on mindset-change.

Addidtionally, I build websites (wordpress and other), I have a lot of group facilitation experience as a teamer for volunteers and I have lived in an ecovillage because I wanted to experience new ways of living and working.

I studied Instructional Design (B.A.) at the University of Freiburg i. Br., because I wanted to learn how to design effective and appealing learning environments (e.g. learning software, workshops, trainings, curriculums, educational books and videos, online learning ...).

Right now I help with bringing mental clarity to the workplace - by addressing the two biggest problems of our modern working world: stress and inactivty. This project is about giving people short online retreats on Zoom for their breaks in which they can move a little (without needing to change) and learn how to be more mindful and listen inwards more – before they start to get stressed or sick. I am building the website, help with the retreat conceptualization and bring agile ideas to the project organisation. 

Personally I like to draw and to always learn something new. 

Maybe this sounds interesting? I am looking forward to interesting contacts!


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Oct 2018 - Feb 2020

Agile Coach Assistant, Hanser Verlag