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Personal Development
Sneakers are my favorite things. I love almost everything about sneakers and sneaker culture for most of my life, but I have always hesitated to participate in forums or discussions. This year, with a promise to myself to take up space, I joined SoleSavy's women's community and I've been nothing but loud about my fervor for sneakers since.

Recently we were asked if we were looking forward to the Billie Eilish collaboration with Jordan and I shared some of my thoughts - which were quoted in this beautifully thorough SoleSavy article about the collaboration, and Jordan's efforts to tap into the next generation of sneakerheads.

SoleSavy gave me a place to talk sneaker things with other passionate folks, something I didn't have for far too long, and makes me feel like there's an authority that values our voices. 

{Image Description: Digital graphic, text reads "What I appreciate about this collaboration is how heavily influenced it is by Billie Eilish's own nostalgia, and her ever evolving subversive persona. That she pulled the mystical AJKO and the 15s, and veganized them is appropriately on brand. She was quoted as saying she "didn't give a f*ck" about the 15s being a less popular sneaker because ultimately her own affinity for the pair was paramount, and the core of my sneakerhead soul felt that."}