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David Smith

  • @mediabb
  • Geekshark is a new kind of tech recruiting service.
  • Atlanta, GA | Florianopolis, Brazil
Geekshark was founded by engineers with over 15 years of experience in the tech world. As we traveled the globe, we began to realize just how many incredible minds were being underutilized simply because they didn’t have access to startups or large companies. At the same time, these companies were desperately searching for elite talent. Using our network, we’ve helped major organizations connect with and hire highly skilled professionals they never would have found without Geekshark.

Latest Project R4R & Engineer Project We were able to help a USA-based startup expand its recruiting and engineering team in Latin America. 

We provided full-cycle recruiting, onboarding, and support for all new hires. Successfully coordinated and managed all activities for international transactions and payments, documentation, and policies and procedures.

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