Meera Sapra

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  • Product Manager, Zoho Corporation
  • India 🇮🇳
Work 👩🏻‍💻: I build products and brands at Zoho, where I’ve been working and learning since 2008. I’ve...  
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Product Manager

  • Zoho Corporation
  • Jun 2016 - Present

Senior Marketing Manager - Product and Brand Marketing

  • Zoho Corporation
  • Jun 2014 - Jun 2016

Social Media and Community Manager

  • Zoho Corporation
  • Oct 2010 - Jun 2014

Product Evangelist

  • Zoho Corporation
  • Apr 2008 - Oct 2010
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Nov 21, 2021
Nov 21, 2021
Read The Psychology of Money
I read this book because it came highly recommended by so many people and I am pleased to share that it absolutely did live up to my expectations. 

What I really liked is the simple and timeless wisdom about things that matter the most such as: 

  • how important it is to get the financial goal post to stop moving
  • understanding that the greatest privilege is being able to spend your days the way you want with the people you want 
  • making investment decisions that help you sleep better at night 

While we already know many of these things, it was good to be reminded of them through the stories and examples the author shared.
Some of my favorite quotes from the book:

 “doing something you love on a schedule you can’t control can feel the same as doing something you hate.” 

 “Money’s greatest intrinsic value—and this can’t be overstated—is its ability to give you control over your time.” 

 “Independence, to me, doesn’t mean you’ll stop working. It means you only do the work you like with people you like at the times you want for as long as you want.” 
Nov 20, 2021
Sep 30, 2021
Sep 30, 2021
Creating a video script
Creating a video script for a product is one of my favorite ways to tell a story around it. Currently working on creating one for an upcoming product. 

I find that video scripts generally take several iterations before you can get the emotion and flow right. But usually all of the effort is completely worth it if you’re able to create a story that resonates with your audience. 💁🏻‍♀️
Sep 25, 2021
Sep 25, 2021
Read Atomic Habits
Finally read Atomic Habits and I’m glad it lived up to all the hype. The book is a powerful reminder of the importance of forming habits that can help you achieve your goals. I really like how the author shared examples that inspire us to shape our lives through the mindful building of habits. 
Sep 19, 2021
Sep 19, 2021
Illustrated in Procreate
Drew a quick mountainscape in procreate.
Sep 01, 2021
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