Megan Tipps
  • @megant
 I am a Front End developer with industry experience building responsive websites and web applications. I have professional experience working with Vue.js, HTML, CSS, SASS, Javascript. I also have experience working with Typescript and Storybook.

I enjoy working on projects that challenge me and get me working outside my comfort zone and knowledge set as continuing to learn new languages and development techniques are essential to me.

I have been involved in multiple software releases and have a good understanding of the importance of managing time and communicating openly. While focusing on the technical side of work is easy, I have found that expressing concerns, roadblocks, and alternative solutions to colleagues of various technical backgrounds have been invaluable in my professional development.

I have been a team lead on a few projects where I had to interview and select candidates for the specific job. I guided them through projects by giving advice and doing pair programming to help them understand the problem instead of just giving them the answers. 
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