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Jan 22, 2022
Jan 22, 2022
Wrote a blog post
Early-stage growth strategy
Product Led Growth
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When a startup gets off the ground, it faces many uncertainties and difficulties simultaneously. As everyone tries to get to point A from point B, you uncover what A and B are.
When we started walking down the same path as Producter in early 2021, we first listened to the experiences of many different voices. We have always sought examples close to our own and tried to learn from them along the way. At times, however, we had difficulty finding them.
Recipe for Success (?)

Success is variable for every business; The road to success is long and painful. You see, there is no shortcut or magic bullet for this.
As I write this post, I hope to help those who choose to walk down the same road by explaining our methods from the beginning. It would make me very happy if one of our experiences were useful to you somehow.🙏🏼
What inspired us to build Producter?

We were working together on the same product team with my co-founder Samet in our previous job. The customer-facing teams were providing a lot of feedback to us. Handling customer feedback along with day-to-day operations became nearly impossible.
Based on the problem we experienced, we rolled up our sleeves to mature the Producter idea. See Samet’s post “Finding a SaaS Idea Using Ikigai” for details on how the idea was born and developed.
Producter | ProductOS powered by customer insight 🚀
What Gave Us The Most Benefit?

1- Idea Validation Stage

One of our biggest concerns as we set out to solve the problem was, “Am I in love with this idea?”
Entrepreneurs often skip the idea validation stage as they become too caught up in the problem and product idea they are trying to solve.
To avoid falling into this trap
, we conducted product interviews with different personas and companies in the first months of 2021.
We divided these product interviews into two phases:
  1. Understanding the interviewed persona’s needs and the company’s product management processes
  2. Collecting feedback by demonstrating the Producter’s designs

It was very helpful to ask discovery questions to the interviewee before showing the Producter to avoid any positive/negative bias.
After interviewing more than 150 product people for three months, we improved our design based on the feedback we received. By doing so, we had the opportunity to question the product-market fit, and we avoided wasting development resources.
In addition to product interviews, we started collecting waitlist subscriptions with a simple landing page. 500+ product people joining our waitlist also contributed to the validation stage.
Currently, our waiting list has exceeded 2500 people 🥰 If you’d like to experience Producter, just leave your email on our website.
2- Impact of Communities

Depending on the vertical you are in, communities may have varying levels of influence. It’s undeniable that communities have tremendous power in the product management vertical.
The Slack, LinkedIn, IndieHackers, Facebook product groups are filled with incredibly active, feedback-oriented product people.
The first step is to identify the groups within your vertical, analyze which groups are more active, and optimize your limited efforts accordingly.
Another critical point is not to go to communities only to get.
As much as product communities help Producter’s growth, we also contributed by creating value-added content and sharing our experiences with product people in the community.
Besides being active in different communities, we also created the Producter Slack Community. It currently has more than 300 members. The best part is that these 300+ people are from 18 different time zones. The door is open to anyone who wishes to join our product community 🙌🏻
3- Content Marketing

One of the pitfalls at the beginning of the road is to think that the content created will reach very few people.
That’s exactly how I felt when I deleted my old Twitter account and created a new one — and obviously one with no embarrassing teenage tweets 😅
Social media posts, blog content, sharing product updates, being active in communities — they are all growth moves that take time and effort.
We initially made the mistake of putting significant effort into all of them in a scattered way 🥲
Keeping consistency in content became difficult when we focused on the blog one month and the communities the next. In addition, we experienced a bottleneck in measuring marketing metrics.
We have reached the point where we have to ask, “How can a two-person marketing effort make a big impact?” Here’s how we got the answer:
Remix, optimize and continuously distribute the content.

Think of a blog post you wrote giving hours, maybe days. You posted it on your blog. You shared it on your social media accounts.
The last thing you need to do here is to end the process and wait for the blog fairies to increase your metrics.
User your blog in different formats and share it again and again. You can create many formats from a blog, such as Twitter thread, Instagram post, Quora reply, SlideShow presentation, and more.
Optimize: If read and engagement rates are still low, make changes to the title and content of your blog and share it again. It will allow you to both reconsider this blog and learn for your next one.
Distribute: After sharing your blog on social media, do not forget to share it in the relevant communities. This is also an opportunity to provide value to product communities with quality content.
4- Consistency and Sustainability

Failure of a growth strategy may be due to not regularly putting enough effort into it.
The content marketing strategy I mentioned above is about taking the wind of the communities at your back and not throwing the towel halfway.
Apart from these, another point that we consistently and happily keep doing has been to share Producter’s strategic and product updates with our audience 💙
Growth and Strategy Updates:
We share what we have experienced at Producter every month on many different topics such as growth, marketing, investment, team since the first day.
Product Updates: We launched the private beta in July! 🎉 Following the launch, we shared updates every two weeks about bugs fixed in the product and new features added.
Producter’s User Portal, where we share our updates with users 🚀
Maintaining active communication with users through updates and informing them when their feedback is executed helped us in many ways. Here are a few of them:
  1. Producter has built trust relationships with its users through the portal despite being in its early stages. In a short time, our users counted on us and began using Producter actively.
  2. Being informed quickly and transparently about their feedback contributed significantly to Producter’s user retention rate.

Consistency and sustainability will show your users in the early days of your startup that you are “not dead” and build trust that will help them decide to use your product.
The most enjoyable part of this job for us as a team is what we learned and shared along the way. We also love to talk and share our experiences on many topics such as product management, product-led growth 🤓
You can always dm me about any topic you are curious about or any question you’d like to ask. I’ll be super happy to answer and help 🙌🏻
If you want to learn more about Producter, you can visit our website 🚀
Jan 10, 2022
Jan 10, 2022
Created a Product Launch Template
Product Led Growth
Defined a Product Strategy
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Hello Community! 👋🏻
We created a must-have pack for launching your new product!
Problem/Market Sizing, Go-to-Market, Stakeholder Mapping, and more..
Find out the templates crafted for you 🎁


Dec 24, 2021
Dec 24, 2021
Product Led Growth
at the beginning of building PLG funnels, most companies typically treat product leads as MQLs. 

this common mistake results in product leads being pushed into the wrong PLG funnel. 

however, it's critical to layer PLG funnels based on the customer segment.
Dec 03, 2021
Dec 03, 2021
Launched a Product Feature
Launched our first widget 🔥

Hello product people!

We launched our first-ever widget on Producter and would love to hear your thoughts 🙏🏻

Here we prepared a video to showcase our feedback widget:

From now on, you can also give us your feedback using the widget 🎉 🎉
Sep 14, 2021
Sep 14, 2021
Updated a Product Feature
Scoped a new product feature
Customer feedback analysis
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Hello all!

Summer is over, leaves are changing—it's time for the pumpkin spice latte! With the summer behind us, we're happy to have achieved our first milestones together. Thank you, Producters, for being part of it 🙌

Let's find out what's new! 🚀

Capture Screenshot on Your Feedback Widget

As it's one of our most used features, we keep improving the feedback widget. We announced in the last product update that you can customize the widget to match your brand colors. From now on, you can also capture a screenshot of your feedback to give a more visual explanation. Visit our website to try the widget yourself:

Customize the URL of Your User Portal

The user portal is your dedicated feedback board provided to your customers to share their ideas. We create a unique user portal for each workspace with a default URL as With this feature, you can now change it to or anything you want.

Connect Feedback with a Task in Few Clicks

The countdown has started for the task management module! You'll be trying it yourself before September ends. In the last update, we mentioned the add to backlog button, and many of you asked questions— so we'd love to fill you in on the details.

In a few clicks, you can add important feedback to a task by clicking the add to backlog button on the feedback detail page. You can either create a new task linked to the related feedback or merge feedback with an existing task. So it makes it easier for you to act on valuable insight without losing the task history or missing out on any critical feedback ⚡️

We continue to improve Producter each day, and we'd love you to be part of it. If you haven't already created your workspace, reach out to us at so we can help 💙

See you in two weeks!


Team Producter


Aug 31, 2021
Aug 31, 2021
Reposted by Merve Cankiz Coruh
Updated a Product Feature
Hello, hello!

We've been sharing our product updates with you for two months now, and it makes us feel even better when we share our journey with you. Thank you, Producters, for being part of it 🙌

Let's get started with what's new! 🚀

(P.S: There is a surprise in this product update that we had previously promised 👀)

Switch between workspaces in one place
Now you can manage more than one workspace in the same account easily. All you need to do is creating a new workspace with the same email. It's done. You'll be able to switch between workspaces without having to log out of any of them.

Customize the widget with your brand colors

We've built enhanced color options for you to fit the feedback perfectly with your product or website. You can choose any color code to customize your widget from workspace settings. Moreover, you can place the widget in eight different positions on your website or product.

See our guide on how to embed the feedback widget.

Good Bye 'Save', Welcome 'Add to Backlog'
Our good old friend "Save" button is not with us anymore, which means you can inline edit all fields on the feedback detail page. The changes you make will be saved without clicking the Save button anymore.

Instead, we have a new cool kid in the game (Drumroll, pls..): "Add to Backlog" button! As we mentioned previously, we've been building the task management module in parallel.

It is one of our primary goals not to let valuable feedback slip through the cracks. This is where task management comes into play. You'll be able to turn important feedback into an actionable task by clicking the "Add to Backlog" button! The button is now available for testing purposes so that you can become accustomed to it before the launch of the task management module 💥

Sneak Peek at the Task Management Module

I now present to you our shock: the first piece from the interface of our task management module! We're working hard to introduce you to the new module as soon as possible. To share our excitement, we've included a screenshot of the epic detail page! We'd love to hear your thoughts to shape Producter together 🚀

We continue to improve Producter each day, and we'd love you to be part of it. If you haven't already created your workspace, reach out to us at so we can help 💙

See you in the next update!


Team Producter

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