Michael Gioia
  • @michaelgioia
  • Product Manager, Hudson MX
  • Troy, NY
  • He/Him

Michael is a results-oriented Product Manager with extensive experience in media technology. My current focus is on marketing and advertising API platform and partner integrations at Hudson MX. What Michael brings to the team:

🤝 Collaboration: Michael knows success in the PM role can only be achieved through the sum of its parts - whether it’s discussing strategy and vision for the product with leadership teams, thinking through technical design, or making informed value-driven decisions, Michael can bring voices together and find the path forward.

🧑🏻‍💻 Data Savvy: Michael’s product at the end of the day has always been data. Whether it’s making data-informed decisions on what to build next, understanding the ins and outs of data standards and best practices, or geeking out over beautiful documentation, Michael lives in the data lakes and rivers that brings power to our product and users.

🦸🏻‍♂️Leadership: Michael leads with empathy. The success of the team, product, and customer always comes first. Michael can set the vision and strategy and provide the tools for teams to be empowered and execute.

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