Michael Ye
  • @michaelye
I started my 1st software business at age 14 in the hacking space which generated revenue at a rate of $1k-3k/month, had 10K+ users, & hired & managed 3 developers (built over 80 hacks).

Then at our peak of growth we got hacked by our competitors... it's a long story, DM if you want to setup a chat about it!

I'm also a creator:
- created YouTube videos with 250K+ views
- produced music with over 1M streams
- created a podcast on Mental Models interviewing top startup founders & CEOs like Ryan Junee (ex-Partner @ YC), John Coogan (Co-Founder of Soylent), John Pollaers (ex-CEO of multiple $1B+ companies), & Cory Levy (Founder @ First Text).

^On the pod we discuss philosophy, rationalism, AI, spirituality, & more...

Currently, building a stealth startup alongside Ryan Junee (prev. partner @ YC), we're backed by zfellows.com, Ryan's fund Electric Ant, Co-Founder of Soylent, Founder of Monthly.com, Pareto...
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