Michelle Harman
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I am a medical school drop out, full time stay at home mom of 8 years striving to share my talents with the world now that my children are entering school full time. 
-BA in Psychology and Linguistics from McGill University in Montreal, I earned two scholarships, and also completed my own research study on how infants learn syllable boundaries in multi syllabic speech 
-post baccalaureate pre-medical certificate from Columbia University in New York City, where I completed all of my pre-medical sciences with a 4.2 GPA
-earned a 41, or 99.99th percentile, on my MCAT (medical school entry exam) 
-extensive research and hospital volunteer experience 
-previous work experience includes teaching and sales for Kaplan, direct caregiving in assisted living, as well as managing in home elderly direct caregiving
-fluent in English and Spanish, with some ability to converse in French
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Oct 2011 - Jun 2012

Instructor and Direct Sales, Kaplan Test Prep